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We are operated by someone who shares a mutual passion with you all – a love for watches. The Deluxe Collective aims to provide our community of watch lovers in Australia a place where they can receive discounted prices, share their passion and interests, keep up to date with upcoming timepieces, and most importantly, feel a sense of belongingness in our community

Meet our Director

- Hagji

With a strong passion for putting people first, Hagji has volunteered with The Smith Family in their iTrack Mentor program, which oversaw him being paired with a student who needed mentorship and guidance in the most important years of their secondary education. In addition to this, Hagji volunteers in the L2P program for the Hobson City Council, which aims to assist underprivileged children to attain their probationary licence in realising their vision of becoming independent drivers.

Moreover, Hagji has over 10 years of business experience, 3 of which leading diverse teams, and has become a trustworthy employee having worked in some of Australia’s most reputable companies. Furthermore, Hagji has a strong passion for helping others, so much so, that he holds dual certificate IV’s in Youth Work, and Alcohol and Other Drugs, and additionally, is in his last year studying a Bachelor of Psychology.

Hagji’s willingness to put people first is exactly why he has pledged to donate a percentage of all sales towards supporting Clean Up Australia.

You can view Hagji’s Linkedin here


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